The achievements of the Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath inform you to play 1,973 matches

The achievements of the Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath inform you to play 1,973 matches
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Identify Info Gamerscore Clear up Using Ache has nothing to do with it [x] poisonous results 15 all of Texas Destroy the Sport Degree [x] 50 Texas By means of and By means of Take the stage [x] and everybody 100 Punishment Begin a sport with a 3 -step 3 stage coaching and coaching 15 Welcome House Report your harm first 10 Kill Sequence Follow [x] all victims 50 It is all mine Solely 4 folks play in a single sport 20 He was nice. Feed Grandpa [x] on a regular basis 15 First Blood Hit the primary sufferer with a match 10 Get on the market Pull it out [x] victims from throughout the hidden 10 Now it’s close to… Kill a wounded particular person inside [x] meter is a go in any scenario 10 The Final Tribulation Arises Just like the final one who stood up, Reside for [x] minutes and run in a single sport 50 Le Lafoa? Sola [100] time 50 Shhhh It’s like a sufferer fleeing a scenario with out making a sound. 10 Convey it on Win [x] intimate encounter of a whole sufferer 10 Git again right here Win [x] intimate encounters as members of the entire household 10 Serve again Profitable efficiency [x] inciting assaults on complete members of the family 10 Staff gamers Heal [x] staff in complete 10 It is my flip Everybody within the household assaults in a single sport 20 Be like Sally Flee down the driveway after leaping out the entrance window of the household residence 10 Absolutely targeted use focus ability to unlock shortly [x] complete door 15 Security and Safety Add extra locks to [x] complete door 15 I hearken to you Good to know [x] all victims 10 I discovered one! Get a complete of [x] victims in traps 15 I’ve come for you Because the Hitchhiker makes use of one sidle, bolthole and ladder in a single match 10 It may well’t be Hidden from me Iloilo [x] complete injured footprints 15 Could not hold me out Profitable open boats complete of [x] door locks 10 The id Use the highly effective Final Escape to scale back harm [x] time 15 The canine will probably be chased Whereas Leatherface is destroyed [x] objects in your chain noticed (block, bolthole, door) 10 Maintain your self up Follow [x] complete victims on vegetation like Leatherface 15 Our Hero Shoulders and diseases [x] members of the family 15 Do not Contact Oona [x] injured truck (tools, items, medical provides) 15 Wash Pores and skin Confuse two or extra folks without delay 10 It’s all identified Discover everybody within the household in a single sport 15 You spelled Champion As a member of the family to kill a sufferer down [30] seconds from the beginning of a sport 20 Grandfather Pleasure Obtain an entire household victory (kill all folks) on every map 50 Sola Artists Obtain an entire harm victory (everybody escapes) on every map 50 Depart House Escape to make use of every farm on the Household Home stage 10 Take away Fuel Keep away from utilizing the exits on the Fuel Station stage 10 Go to the Market Escape utilizing every head on the Slaughterhouse stage 10 The Noticed of the Household Attain the household connection to the subsequent stage and hold it there for the entire sport 10 Editor Throughout a single match cease the engine, tighten the fuse field and open the heavy drain. 50 It has nowhere to cover Whereas an injured particular person is hiding in a fridge, locks, closets, logs and vehicles. 10 Do It Nicely Go down a nicely [x] on a regular basis 10 Respect Respect somebody’s open stick when reaching excessive altitudes 10 Run, soar, Climb Bushes Take the primary shot on the open tree 10 Backstage Get your first unlock 10 Responsible Apply all household punishment to public sports activities 10 soli lemu Keep away from getting Grandpa for a whole sport 50 What do you will have left? Performed 1973 public video games 10

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