Video games Inbox: PS Plus Premium within the UK, Ghost Of Tsushima 2 State of Play, and The Final Of Us positivity

Video games Inbox: PS Plus Premium within the UK, Ghost Of Tsushima 2 State of Play, and The Final Of Us positivity
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PS Plus promo photo game

Are you trying ahead to it? (photograph: Sony)

Wednesday’s ebook web page worries Nintendo is starting to become unimportant, because one reader wants more world -class games that you can fly.

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The big day
Am I the only player looking forward to the PS Plus revamp launch here in the UK this Thursday?

While it’s a shame that Sony’s launch is so low, I’m glad we’ve finally found a competitive style game for the PS universe – about the time Sony!

The first four games I downloaded were PlayStation 5’s Returnal, Ghost Of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and Demon’s Souls, all of which I really wanted to go to the launch. but can’t afford the astronomical accuracy (unfortunately that’s standard) PlayStation 5 costs £ 69.99!

Maybe Sony doesn’t want to push the PS Plus revamp globally, because you believe there are still customers willing to pay full price for these games, perhaps?

An example is one of the staff at Smyths that I spoke to in the video games department, who said that there are a lot of customers who are still buying physical copies of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Hello Infinite, etc. despite all this on the Game. Pass it on, okay!

Change direction
I don’t think it’s really controversial to say that Sony lost control of the story last month. Microsoft is the only one to give a try at the E3 style event, so far, and for some reason Sony has been secretive and curious about the PS Plus update – which I think is the a lot of people think they’re going to do something big. when they are not playing.

I really don’t think it’s a problem though. You’re just as big as your last game and all, and no Microsoft or Sony games for a few months. As soon as one of them comes up with something good they will become a prominent company while the other will start to sweat, until the situation changes, and the cycle continues. The way things are.

As far as I know, the only problem right now is to wait until someone releases a great game again. . Like years ago.

Fly the world
This is a question that has been on my mind. Why do they rarely fly in world sports? I hope it’s in Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 because the one thing I always look forward to is the ‘last chance’ and it’s almost never. I guess it’s because on old equipment the game can’t load graphics as fast, like what happened on the bike in Zelda?

I hope that means in the next gen it will be more common and we can start to get off the horse as the car of choice for these games. Don’t get me wrong, horses are fun, but right now I’d rather ride around on a dragon or Pegasus or something.

As always, it seems that the next generation has now all brought in better images but I hope as soon as the second wave of titles hits we will start to see to some it is impossible to come to the present.

GC: The Immortals Fenyx Rising and Horizon Forbidden West allow you to fly, so it happens. But you’re right that it’s a mixture of technical limitations, as well as a reluctance to simplify the game and maintain a structure in progress. in front of the players.

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As seen on TV
Maybe I’m a fool but I’m looking forward to a remake of Last Of Us. I understand the issues that people have but the only thing I think is relevant is maybe Naughty Dog has more urgency to work on but other than that I want it all.

The models are definitely an improvement especially in appearance, which is now better or better than the series. It probably doesn’t matter to other people but I like the idea of ​​a game that is constantly updating itself with the best graphics available.

In fact, I’m surprised it’s not the most common in the general public. We certainly get remasters, when a publisher needs to make quick money but even regular games like Fortnite and Destiny 2 rarely seem to improve their image from the way they started ai. Imagine how to watch The Last Of Us right now, coming from the TV show to the game – there will be a time when it will improve and we will have a good way at that.

Everything or nothing?
I seem to remember that when Ghost Of Tsushima was first introduced it was just a trailer that was pre -delivered and we didn’t find anything else for many years later, so I don’t know why not the same for the sequence, which I agree is evident in the development. (What else will Sucker Punch do? Do something else famous?)

I still can’t work out, whether Sony is currently holding back and expecting more shows, to have a mega State of Play in the near future, or why they don’t say it because they don’t something. I think the good idea is option number two though.

The rule of E3: always expect less than you think and you don’t get bored. Just looking at the bright side, at least the weather is good right now. Maybe by the time it turns out there will be more games to play again.

Don’t look back
This may be considered a sacrilege but I really don’t enjoy playing old games. Every time I try to go back to an old 16-bit game, I don’t like how difficult they are, despite the nice graphics, and go back to a more recent game, like my dear Resident Evil 4, it is really sad. I know the looks and gameplay are bad compared to modern games.

I both love watching old movies and listening to old golds but I feel video games are something you should always look forward to. Anything beyond the age of 10 starts to show its age and is closer than that can fall faster compared to new sports.

It’s easy to overlook, I know, but I sometimes worry about how much money and effort to bring back these games that I don’t think is worth anything more than difficult inspiration for modern titles. As a society I feel we are stuck with nostalgia and in sports especially I think it is not something we enjoy.

I really hope NetherRealm will do something for Mortal Kombat that isn’t a one-on-one fight for their next game. See that Street Fighter 6 will include open world parts I’m happy to see something similar for Mortal Kombat.

It’s too late for Shaolin Monks 2 but a spiritual sequence can still work. It’s a simple matter but with more options in terms of transportation and research. They all have these great fonts which I’m sure can work with all sorts of other genres. Hopefully there’s also a chance because I have a feeling they want Mortal Kombat 12 to come after Street Fighter 6, so they can see what that is.

Relevant concerns
There have been people talking about Sony losing their games but I ask what about Nintendo? Like many years ago they published anything relevant and it’s clear that Mario Strikers and Fire Emblem games aren’t going to change that. Or Xenoblade Chronicles 3, whether they give it to him or not.

I know the obvious excuses, about the way Nintendo works that are badly affected by the disease, but they have time to pay for that now and it seems like nothing interesting to come. Or anything that will displease anyone other than the fans and the owners.

To me it feels like it’s been a long time since the Switch had to change to something more powerful, to start a new set of games. Instead Nintendo seems to be working down their list of unimportant purchases, with disappointing results.

They may not be direct competitors to Sony and Microsoft but they still need to maintain themselves and I’m not sure that’s happening now.

Inbox also-rans
Nine Monster Hunter amiibos are currently in the Nintendo UK store, three of which are new for the latest Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak game. It looks great.
Andrew J.
PS: The Halo TV series starts on Route 5 tonight.

So I think, it’s weird because Sony hasn’t overtaken their PlayStation and TV businesses. I know they get it from time to time but you wouldn’t guess before the PlayStation they were best known for their TVs.

This week’s hot topic
The issue for the Inbox over the weekend was suggested by Gonch readers, who asks what’s the easiest video game you’ve ever played?

The debate over unusually difficult games will never end but how can the other end of the spectrum and games be easier than usual? What do you think is the simplest game you’ve ever found and is easy on a common belief or that you’re not used to being good at?

Do you like simple games and rich, if any, problems created by its difficult situation? Did you love the game and think it gets better or worse when it’s hard?

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