Original Fine Art Photography by artist Neeva Kedem, who traveled the world to capture these beautiful, unique images.

Each photo is:
* Professionally hand printed on a high quality, fine art 
premium paper, known for its strength and stability over time
* Carefully packaged for safe shipment
* Each Photo Size: 6"X6"
* Sets comes framed, Individual Prints comes unframed
* Larger sizes are available upon request; please contact us for more information


Angel of Beauty

Angel of Beauty 1

Angel of Rome

Angel of Rome 1

Angel of Paris

Angel of Paris 1

Cupid of Rome

Cupid of Rome 1

Dreaming Angel

Dreaming Angel 1

Kiss the Angel

Kiss the Angel 1

Lovely Angels of Paris

Lovely Angels of Paris 1

Magical Angel

Magical Angel 1

Near the Park

Near the Park 1

Piccadilly Square Cupid

Piccadilly Square Cupid 1

Pray BW

Pray Sepia


Smiling Sepia

Wish of an Angel

Wish of an Angel 1