Fine Art Photographer Neeva Kedem is telling the 'Imagine Squares' story:

The Idea behind Imagine Squares is simply to share my work with the world. Once I'm in the field, taking pictures, it is not about me anymore but about the people that will enjoy looking at these pictures in the future.

My passion for photography started at a very young age. As a teenager I used to photograph my friends and create photo Ideas in my mind. I learned photography in New York City, back in 1991, and since then I never stopped taking pictures.

Most of my photos are not a part of a plan; I simply capture the world around me as I see it in specific moments in time. Of course, traveling the world and visiting beautiful places contributes a lot to the quality of my work; the lights of Paris, the architecture of London, the mystery of Prague, the charm of New York. Being in all those places and waiting for the perfect light at the best spots – there are many factors that build what we call 'fine art photography'. It's about passion and effort and excitement.

The squares blend beautifully together. This is where my work as a photographer ends, and where the viewer creation starts. The person who buy my work have the ability to choose their own prints and organize them the way they like. This is what is so unique about Imagine Squares!

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